Timelapse of one incense cone

We tested how long one of our incense cones last, and found one of our standard (25 piece) cone pack will burn for about 11 hours total. The burn time of incense cones is a really common question, so we wanted to put it to the test. 

In the video we are using a Sandalwood incense cone and our Waterfall Jet Black burner. We simply light the top tip of the incense cone, blow up the flame when glowing hot, then allow the fragrance to release.You'll see in the video that our Sandalwood cone lasts a little under 27 minutes.

Our standard incense cone bag is 25 pieces. So one of our standard Champa bags would burn for about 11 hours total.

To learn more about our backflow incense cones and burner checkout our FAQs and Help page