Properly lighting and placing an incense backflow cone

Incense backflow cones come in a variety of scents that help you relax and find your spiritual center. There are a couple steps we recommend so you get the most out of your incense cones. 

This guide will cover the following:

  • Lighting your backflow cones
  • Placing and timing
  • Cleaning and storing your incense items

Lighting and Placing

The first thing you need to do is locate the tip of the incense flow cone and light it. You then need to gently blow out the flame or fan the flame until it disappears. The cone will then transform glowing red and release a pleasant-smelling fragrance with its smoke. In the beginning of the video below you can see a demonstration of lighting and placing the incense cone.


Next, allow the fragrance to release so that the cone can slowly begin dropping the incense smoke. 


Place the backflow incense cone on top of the burner with the hot tip facing upwards. Allow the incense cone to run for about 2 minutes before the backflow effect begins. It is important that you open a window or allow some air so circulate the area. Also, do not burn incense unattended.


Cleaning and Storage

To clean your incense burner simply run some warm water down the channels and allow the burner to air dry before its next use. 


Finally, when not using your cones, be sure to store them in a dry and cool place. They will not burn as expected if exposed to moisture while in storage.