Basics of Using Backflow Incense Cones

Lighting an Incense Cone

First, light the tip of the incense cone, and allow the top to get glowing hot.

Next blow out the flame and allow the fragrance to release.

Finally place the cone on top of the waterfall burner directly above the hole. It will take about about 1 mintue for the backflow smoke effect to start.

Refer to the video demonstration below.




Additional Benefits of Burning Incense

  • Calm the mind and body
  • Soothing away tension and help with stress
  • Balance hormones and increase libido
  • Increase focus and creativity
  • Helps foster inner strength


Burning Incense Safety Tips

Although burning incense is a great way to relive stress and relax, its important to be aware of certain safety tips. 

  • Incense is very hot when lit, so its important to always use caution.
  • Always be aware of where you burn your incense and what it might come in contact with. Keep your burner away from drapes, or any flammable objects. 
  • Burn incense in a well ventilated area, especially if you have pets in the room.
  • Keep incense out of the reach of any small children or pets.
  • Choose high quality non-synthetic brands of incense. Its also recommended to only use incense with all natural or organic ingredients.
  • If you're pregnant, make sure to talk to your doctor before burning any incense. 
  • Make sure you let fresh air into your environment while you're burning incense. If you're still having trouble with the smoke but enjoy the incense effects, then try using an air purifier or essential oils combination. 


Burning Incense in the same room as your Dog or Cat

Since dogs and cats have more sensitive noses and lungs than humans do, its important that you keep the room well ventilated. If it seems that your cat or dog does not enjoy the incense, then try using a different incense fragrance or perhaps put them in a separate room. 

Make sure your incense is out of reach of your pets as it can give them an upset tummy if ingested. 


For more info, see our article on high quality incense fragrances by Wild Berry.